Cadet Program

Skymates is proud to announce that it is now part of the Mesa Airlines Cadet Program.
Skymates is always looking for flight instructors and you can be part of our team. Our instructors can
easily fly 100 hours a month and, by being part of Mesa Cadet Program, you can take advantage of
$10,000 in Reimbursement or Pre-Payment for your CFI’s.
You can see all the details on this page: Mesa Arilines Cadet Program
If you have no flight experience and always dreamed of being an airline pilot, we offer all the necessary
training needed for you to become one. In two years or less you can be flying for a regional airline.

Schedule a visit and we will provide you with a free “Discovery flight” so you can see and feel the
experience of flying.
The estimated cost of the course starts at around $69,995.00* without Mesa Reimbursement and it

  • PPL
  • IR
  • CPL SEL and MEL
  • CFI, CFII, and MEI

Skymates Flight Academy has one of the largest fleets of airplanes in the DFW area and we have
graduated thousands of pilots in the last 22 years who are now flying for airlines in the US and all over
the world.

*Prices are not guaranteed and subject to change. Inquire for full details.