Instructor Course (CFI)

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor will allow you to start earning money as a pilot and much needed flight time towards the ATP.

The theory course is a month long ground school program designed for Commercial Pilots to learn all the subjects needed to be a Certified Flight Instructor including the preparation for the FOI, MEI and CFII.

Theory course price: $995.00

We offer the option, under part 61 to obtain either the CFII or MEI “initial” course and the CFI as an “add on”.
The following are estimates based on 10 hours flight time


10 Hrs Cessna 172 SP (Dual) $210.00 $2,100.00
Ground Class $995.00
1.5 Hrs VFR Cessna 172 (Solo) Check Ride $150.0 $225.00
1 Check ride (Initial CFI is double) $1,000.00
Pilot Kit Books / Supplies $100.00
2 FAA Written Exam $300.00
Total $4,575.00


10 Hrs Piper Seminole (Dual) $350.00 $3,500.00
Ground Class $400.00
1.5 Hrs Piper Seminole (Check Ride) $290.00 $435.00
1 Check Ride $500.00
Total $4,835.00


10 Hrs. Cessna 172 SP (Dual) $210.00 $2,100.00
Ground Class $400.00
1.5 Hrs Cessna 172 SP (Check Ride) $150.00 $225.00
1 Check ride $500.00
Books / Supplies $150.00
1 FAA Written Exam $150.00
Total $3,525.00

This is an estimate based on minimum hours only.

Each student will vary depending on his/her learning ability. Price are not guaranteed and may change on current fuel and oil prices