transportationSkymates provides free pick up and drop off at Dallas/Fort Worth international airport (DFW) Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM, any pick up or drop off during holidays and after those hours will be charged at $100/hr.

We provide daily transportation to and from the school from selected properties and selected times to include Centennial Court, the price is $100 a month.

We will provide you with free transportation after your arrival for the following places for the first time: bank, telephone company and FAA doctor.

Our car/driver will cost you $50/hr for anything else not described above and may not always be available. You can purchase a good used vehicle for around $1,500.00. The tax title and license will cost around $350.00.

You must have liability insurance in the State of Texas and a driver’s license. You may want to have an international drivers license before coming to the states or you can apply for a Texas Drivers license after you arrive. In order to get a Texas drivers license you will need to take a written and a driving test. Insurance can vary in price but the average cost for “liability only” insurance is around 60.00 per month. You can also arrange to carpool with other students if you wish. Write to the school for available carpool options before arrival.